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Master Level Options

Each class is granted two options for their master level path. Below is a table detailing what options are available to the current classes.

How to Respec your Master Level Path using a Star of Destiny

If you change your mind and wish to try the other Master Level option, you can do so by using a Star of Destiny. Each master level has ten encounters. The creature your kill during the final encounter, number 10, has a chance to drop one or many Star of Destiny(s). You use the Star of Destiny while standing next to the Tablet of Destiny in the Hall of Heroes, where the arbiter is located. You will retain all master levels that you have earned to that point.

Albion Classes

Class Option #1 Option #2
Armsman Warlord Battlemaster
Cabalist Convoker Stormlord
Cleric Warlord Perfecter
Friar Battlemaster Perfecter
Infiltrator Spymaster Battlemaster
Mercenary Battlemaster Banelord
Minstrel Warlord Sojourner
Necromancer Convoker Stormlord
Paladin Warlord Battlemaster
Reaver Battlemaster Banelord
Scout Battlemaster Sojourner
Sorcerer Convoker Stormlord
Theurgist Convoker Stormlord
Wizard Convoker Stormlord

Hibernia Classes

Class Option #1 Option #2
Animist Convoker Stormlord
Bard Sojourner Perfecter
Blademaster Battlemaster Banelord
Champion Battlemaster Banelord
Druid Convoker Perfecter
Eldritch Convoker Stormlord
Enchanter Convoker Stormlord
Hero Battlemaster Warlord
Mentalist Stormlord Warlord
Nightshade Spymaster Stormlord
Ranger Battlemaster Sojourner
Valewalker Battlemaster Stormlord
Warden Battlemaster Perfecter

Midgard Classes

Class Option #1 Option #2
Thane Battlemaster Stormlord
Warrior Warlord Battlemaster
Shadowblade Spymaster Battlemaster
Skald Warlord Sojourner
Hunter Sojourner Battlemaster
Healer Sojourner Perfecter
Spiritmaster Convoker Stormlord
Shaman Convoker Perfecter
Runemaster Convoker Stormlord
Bonedancer Convoker Banelord
Berserker Battlemaster Banelord
Savage Warlord Battlemaster
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