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    by Mystr Byrnz

  Master Level Solo and Group Step Guide

Ever find yourself on a Master Level raid and kicking yourself because you don't have the solo step done, or didn't get a group together and get the group steps done? Well, join the club, we have all been there.

The hard part is researching all the Master Level steps and putting a list together. Well, we decided to do that for you. Listed below are each of the solo and group steps to help you get ready for the big raid. When you finish this list, you have done all the solo and groups steps that can be done before you complete a full Master Level.

  Solo Steps:

Master Level 1.5 Lord Krojer's Challenge
Location: 50k 36k Anatole (underwater in the bay next to Haven of Volcanus.

Master Level 2.8 Amenemhat's Challenge
Location: 19k 22k in Sobekite Eternal Temple Level. Enter the South Gate to enter the South Hall. Click on the South Hall Gate to open it. You do not need a key for this gate like you do for the other gates.

Master Level 6.5 Crazed Adventurer
Location: 18k, 28k in Typhoon's Reach

  Group Steps:

Start in Aerus and swim to the entrance to the Temple of Twilight and get the 2 subquests from the Triton treasure hunter.

Master Level 1.4 Barrier
Location: 27k 31k Hesperos

Master Level 1.2 Thiefs
Location: 27k 25k Mesothalassa
While your in Meso look for a Triton Shaman and kill him, this is for one of the 2 subquests for ML3.

Master Level 1.1 Firestorm Island
Location: 40k 22k Anatole

Master Level 6.1 Haje-Uraei
Various Locations in Typhoons Reach

  • 16k, 20k
  • 35k, 14k
  • 46k, 22k
  • 30k, 53k

Master Level 4.1 Colossal
Various Locations in Stygia Delta and Land of Atun:

  • 3k, 18k Stygia Delta
  • 23k, 16k Stygia Delta
  • 36k, 41k Stygia Delta
  • 39k, 56k Atum

Master Level 4.3 Roar (Tutankhsekhmet the Lion)
Location: 57k, 44k Land of Atun
His spawn point in between the three rocks. He walks around the general area for a bit, then heads west toward the Nomad camps and then goes south and makes a loop back to his spawn point.

Master Level 2.5 Chath's Chess Test of Strategy
Location: North Gate at 24k, 9k Sobekite Eternal Temple Level.
Note: This trial requires a North Gate Key.

Master Level 2.7 Face Darkness
Location: 30k, 15k Sobekite Eternal Temple Level (this location puts you at the cellar stairs. Take the stairs down to the cellar to get to the encounter.
Note: This trial requires a Cellar Gate Key.
There are 3 versions of this trial. Fear is solo. Terror is group. Horror is Battlegroup. Make sure you choose Terror.

Master Level 8.4 Agnes Left Arm
Location: 10k, 55k Green Glades
Kill the two centaur chiefs to get the Left Arm.

Master Level 8.7 Agnes Torso
Location: 35k, 10k Green Glades
Kill the statues until you get the Torso.

Master Level 8.9 Agnes Right Arm
Location: 13k, 10k Arbor Glen
Kill the statues and run up to the chest and grab the arm.

The only thing left to do is get a battlegroup together, approximately three groups, and go kill Moughart to complete the second subquest for ML3.
Various Locations in Mesothalassa:

  • 2k, 20k Oceanus Mesothalassa
  • 4k, 21k Oceanus Mesothalassa
  • 48k, 20k Oceanus Mesothalassa
  • 37k, 49k Oceanus Mesothalassa
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