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    by Mystr Byrnz


Ignis's, Orion's Belt Guide

View Complete Artifact Stats.

See my Oceanus Hesperos Map.

Five percent to experience earned and realm points earned? How can you pass that up? So off I went to hunt for Orion's Belt. Perida is a named harpy that lives in Oceanus Hesperos. He is just south of the Haven of Hesperos on a small island located at 9700, 28600.

When I arrived there were two Odisse Harpies flying around. I killed them and it took about ten minutes before the two harpies spawned again. I killed them over and over for about two hours. Several game days passed while waiting for Perida to spawn. I decided to change my strategy and stopped killing the two harpies. About thirty minutes later, Perida spawned. I'm not convinced that my strategy made any difference.

He conned blue (to a level 50 Spiritmaster). I bolted him twice and he changed into a crocodile, then morphed again into an Albion. Each time he regained 100% of his hit points. Obviously for a level 50 spiritmaster, he was an easy kill.

He dropped Orion's Belt and Peridas Insight (a gem). See the graphics on the right for details.

I was able to farm the scroll pieces called The Great Hunt from Bolos Statues, Palios Statues, Odisse Harpies, and Amentia Harpies on adjacent islands. Many of these creatures con gray to a level 50 player, so I would recommend bringing a level 40 character to farm the scrolls. Some of them con green to a level 50 and I was successfull at gathering all three scrolls from these green con creatures. However, since the gray creatures won't drop anything, I believe it would be a lot faster with a level 40 character since you have more creatures to kill.

Notes from my friend Futz:

My fellow guild member, Futz, tried the same strategy of killing the two harpies for two hours, then not killing them for thirty minutes. He had positive results and was able to get Perida to spawn.

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