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    by Mystr Byrnz


The Perfecter uses the tomes of Atlantean healers long gone to improve his allies' abilities and his medicinal arts. The power of his healing and curative magic is increased and expanded. He has learned how to improve his comrades abilities and natures. Finally, he can reduce the enemies' effectiveness by dampening their magic.

See Other Master Level Options

  1. Purging Wave - group cure disease
  2. Purify Vision - cure nearsight
  3. Sphere of Rejuvenation - Heal Field
  4. Greatness - increases concentration pool by 20%
  5. Font of Power - +3 power regeneration field
  6. Determination Ward - 7% cc reduction field
  7. Leaping Health - shout, self buff, Chain Heal (follow up single-target heal is chained to 2 additional targets, 33% weaker each hit)
  8. Soul Restoration - cure rez sickness in a single target, costs 33% of the caster's power
  9. Dissonating Ward - Power-cost penalty field, place near doors or the lord room, or whatever; will affect close range casters, PBAErs in specific
  10. Rampant Healing - self buff that gives the next group heal cast a radius
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