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Frontier Realm Ability List

You can filter the Realm Ability List by using the options below.

By Class:

Frontier Realm Ability List

You can compare Realm Abilities of three different classes.

Class One: Class Two: Class Three:
NameAbbrevTypeDescriptionLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Prerequisite
Cost136101434 Total
Augmented AcuityAug AcuPassiveIncreases primary casting stat  by the listed amount per level.412223448 
Augmented ConstitutionAug ConPassiveIncreases Constitution by the listed amount per level.412223448 
Augmented DexterityAug DexPassiveIncreases Dexterity by the listed amount per level.412223448 
Augmented QuicknessAug QuiPassiveIncreases Quickness by the listed amount per level.412223448 
Augmented StrengthAug StrPassiveIncreases Strength by the listed amount per level.412223448 
Avoidance of MagicAoMPassiveReduces all magic damage taken by the listed percentage. (This only works on damage. Does not work on disease, dots, or debuffs and does not affect the duration of crowd control spells)2%5%10%15%20% 
DeterminationDetPassiveReduces the duration of all crowd control spells by the listed percentage.1%4%10%20%34% 
Ethereal BondEBPassiveIncreases power points by the listed amount.154075130200 
Falcon's EyeFEPassiveIncreases the chance of dealing a critical hit with archery by the listed percentage amount.3%9%17%27%39% 
Lifter PassiveIncreases carrying capacity and speed when moving a ram by the listed percentage.10%25%45%70%95% 
Long WindLWPassiveDecreases the amount of endurance taken per tick when sprinting, by the number listed.12345 
Mastery of BlockingMoBPassiveIncreases chance to block by the listed percentage.2%5%10%16%23% 
Mastery of FocusMoFPassiveIncreases the level of all spells cast by the listed amount for out-right resistance purposes. (caps at level 50)39172739Minimum Character Level 40
Mastery of Healing PassiveIncreases the effectiveness of healing spells by the listed percentage.2%5%12%19%28% 
Mastery of MageryMoMPassiveAdditional effectiveness of magical damage by listed percentage.2%4%7%11%15% 
Mastery of PainMoPainPassiveIncreases chance to deal a critical hit in melee per listed percentage. (Passes on to Necro Pets)3%9%17%27%39% 
Mastery of ParryingMoParryPassiveIncreases chance to parry by the listed percentage.2%5%10%16%23% 
Mastery of StealthMoSPassiveModifies stealth detection and stealth movement.  Camouflage counters the Mastery of Stealth bonus, allowing an archer to only be seen at the normal range.  Doesn't affe5%/7510%/17515%/30020%/45025%/625 
Physical DefensePDPassiveReduces all physical damage taken by the listed percentage.2%5%12%19%28% 
Serenity PassiveIncreases amount of power regenerated per tick by the number listed12357 
ToughnessToughPassiveIncreases hit points by the listed amount.2575150250400Minimum Character Level 40
Veil Recovery PassiveReduces the duration of resurrection sickness by the percentage listed20%40%60%80%95% 
Wild HealingWHPassiveAdds the listed percentage chance to critical heal on each target of a heal spell. (Passes on to Necro Pets)3%9%17%27%39% 
Wild MinionWMPassiveIncreases chance of pet dealing a critical hit in melee by the listed percentage.3%9%17%27%39% 
Wild PowerWPPassiveIncreases chance to deal a critical hit with all spells that do damage, including DoTs,  by listed percentage. (Passes on to Necro Pets)3%9%17%27%39% 
TIMEDDescriptionRe-use timer (RUT)Level 1Level 2Level 3
Adrenalin RushARActiveDoubles the base melee damage for 20 seconds.See Effect20 min10 min5 min  
Ameliorating MelodiesAMActiveHeals all members of the group (except the user) by the listed amount each tick for 30 seconds. (10 total ticks)900100250400 Minimum Character Level 40
Anger of the Gods Active30 second group damage add that stacks with all other damage adds & ignores caps. DPS bonus as listed.60010 dps20 dps30 dps Minimum Character Level 40
Arrow SummoningActiveSummons 30 mystical footed flight broadhead arrows: 10 barbed, 10 keen, 10 blunt into the user's inventory. The arrows are not tradable and will not disappear when a characters logs out of the game.See Effect900 sec300 sec5 sec  
Barrier of FortitudeBoFActiveGrants the group a melee absorption bonus based on the percentage listed. 30 second duration.  (Does not stack with Soldier's Barricade.)60010%20%40%  
Bedazzling AuraBAoDActiveGrants the group a magic damage absorption bonus based on the percentage listed. 30 second duration.  (Does not stack with Soldier's Barricade.)60010%20%40%  
Charge ActiveGrants unbreakable speed 3 for 15 second duration. Grants immunity to roots, stun, snare and mesmerize spells. Target will still take damage from snare/root spells that do damage.See Effect15 min5 min 90 sec  
Concentration ActiveRefreshes the timer on quick-cast allowing for a second quick casted spell without the normal 30 second wait.See Effect15 min3 min30 sec  
Dashing Defense ActiveThe tank can block and parry for all groupmates within a 1000 radius for the duration listed. Each attack only has the chance of being blocked/parried once, regardless of how many characters in a group have Dashing Defense active at one time.60010 sec25 sec1 min  
Decimation TrapDTActiveAe damage trap with 350 radius. Damage as listed. The trap lasts ten minutes or until detonated (whichever comes first). Energy based. 2 second non-interruptible cast time900300600900 Minimum Character Level 40
Divine Intervention ActiveGives the group a buff that provides a pool of healing. If anyone in the group takes damage inflicted through combat, they will be immediately healed from the healing pool. Pool size is based on the numbers listed. Does not heal the user.600100020003000 Minimum Character Level 40
Dual Threat ActiveGrants a bonus chance to critical hit on both melee and magic based attacks. Percentage chance as listed. (While this stacks with Wild Power and Mastery of Pain, please note that there is a 50% hard cap on the chance to crit)Passive5%10%20%  
First AidFAActiveHeal that grants health equal to the percentage listed. Cannot be used in combat. (Necro version heals pet not user)18025%60%100%  
Ichor of the DeepIchorActiveSpirit-based root plus Direct damage spell with a 500 radius. Damage and duration as listed. 2 second non-interruptible cast time.600150 dam/10 sec400/20600/30 Minimum Character Level 40
Ignore PainIPActiveHeal that grants health equal to the percentage listed. Can be used when in combat.90020%50%80%  
JuggernautJuggActiveIncreases the effective level of the pet by the listed number of levels for 60 seconds. (capped at level 70)900102030 Minimum Character Level 40
Mastery of ConcentrationMoCActiveGrants a 100% bonus to avoid being interrupted by any form of attack when casting a spell. The effect of the spell cast will be reduced to the percentages listed. (Necro version transfers to the pet)60025%50%75%  
Mystic Crystal LoreMCLActiveGrants a refresh of power based on the percentages listed. Cannot be used when in combat.18025%60%100%  
Negative MaelstromNMActive6 tick AE DoT with a 350 radius. The damage starts at the listed amount and increases by that amount each tick. 2 second non-interruptible cast time. 1500 range900204060 Minimum Character Level 40
Perfect Recovery ActiveInstantly resurrects the target with no res effects with the listed amount of health and power.3005%20%100%  
Purge ActiveRemoves all negative effects but leaves any applicable immunity timers in place. Level 1 purge is on a 15 minute timer but has a 5 second delay. Level 2 is on the same timer but has no delay. Level 3 is on a 5 minute timer and has no delay.9005 sec delayno delay300 sec reuse  
Raging PowerRPActiveGrants a refresh of power based on the percentages listed. Can be used when in combat.60025%50%80%  
Reflex Attack PassiveGives a chance to automatically counter-attack with an unstyled swing (or a swing from each hand in the case of duel wielding classes) anytime a hit is taken. Works against attacks from all 360 degrees with the chance based on the percentages listed.Passive5%15%30%  
Second WindSW or 2WActiveGrants 100% endurance recovery.See Effect15 min5 min2 min  
Soldier's BarricadeSBActiveGrants the group an absorption bonus to all forms of damage based on the percentages listed. 30 Second duration. (Does not stack with Barrier of Fortitude or Bedazzling Aura of Deflection)6005%15%25%  
Speed of SoundSoSActiveGroup ability that allows unstoppable speed 4 movement for the listed duration. Gives immunity to stun/snare/root and mesmerize spells. If the spell has a damage component, the target will take damage but be immune to the stun/snare/root or mesmerize. It 60010 secs30 secs60 secs  
Static Tempest ActiveDelivers a 360 radius targeted storm that procs a 3 second unresistible stun every 5 seconds for the duration listed.60010 sec15 sec30 sec  
Strike Prediction ActiveGrants all group members a chance to evade all melee and arrow attacks for 30 seconds. This does not stack with any other chance to evade and will only benefit classes with no or very low chances of evading.6005%10%20%  
The Empty Mind ActiveGrants the user a 45 second bonus to all magical damage. Resists are increased by the percentages listed. (this only works on damage and does not affect the duration of crowd control spells. Necro version transfers to the pet)600102030  
Thornweed FieldTWFActiveCreates a field of thorns that damage and snare all enemies caught within. 500 radius. Pulses every 3 seconds. 2 second non-interruptible cast time. 1500 range60025 dam/10 sec100/20250/30 Minimum Character Level 40
Trueshot ActiveGrants a 50% range bonus to the next arrow fired. This arrow will penetrate and pop blade turn.See Effect10 Min3 min30 Sec  
Vanish ActiveProvides the stealther with super stealth, which can not be broken. Also will purge DoTs and Bleeds and provides immunity to crowd control. This ability lasts for 1 to 5 seconds depending on level of Vanish. The stealther also receives an increase in move900Normal Speed,   1 sec immunitySpeed 1, 2 sec immunitySpeed 5, 5 second immunity  
Vehement Renewal VRActiveInstantly heals all group members (except the user) within 2000 range for the amount listed.6003757501500 Minimum Character Level 40
Viper PassiveIncreases the damage of poisons by the listed amount.Passive25%50%100%  
Volcanic PillarVPActiveAE damage spell with 500 radius. Damage as listed. 2 second non-interruptible cast time. 1500 range Target is enemy900200500750 Minimum Character Level 40
Wrath of ChampionsWoCActiveSpirit Based instantly cast PBAE with 150 radius that does the listed damage.600200500750 Minimum Character Level 40
UNIQUEDescriptionRe-use timer (RUT)
Allure of Death ActiveBonedancer  appearance is changed to skeletal form for 60 seconds to confuse
enemy. When in skeletal form, the Bonedancer has a 75% chance of
out-right resisting Nearsight and all Crowd Control spells.
Arms LengthALActive10 second unbreakable burst of extreme speed.900 
Assassinate ActiveInfiltrator selects a target within 750 range and spends 15 seconds (without moving) preparing the assassination attempt. The attempt fails (but the recast timer is not reset) if the assassin takes any action during those 15 seconds, or if the target move600 
Badge of ValorBoVActiveChampion's melee damage for the next 20 seconds will be INCREASED by the targets armor-based ABS instead of decreased.900 
Blade Barrier ActiveFor 30 seconds the blademaster parries 90% of all melee and missile attacks. The blademaster is unable to attack during this time. If the blademaster attempts a style while this effect is still up, it will cancel the effect.300 
Blinding DustDustActiveInsta-cast PBAE Attack that causes the enemy to have a 25% chance to fumble melee/bow attacks for the next 15 seconds.300 
Blissful Ignorance ActiveAllows the Savage to fire all savagery buffs for a single round without paying any hit point penalty.300 
Call of Darkness ActiveWhen active, the necromancer can summon a pet with only a 3 second cast time. The effect remains active for 15 minutes, or until a pet is summoned.900 
Calming Notes ActiveInsta-cast spell that mesmerizes all enemy pets within 750 radius for 30 seconds.300 
Chain LightningCLActiveCasts a lighting bolt that jumps from the first target to 5 additional targets each within 500 range. 90/80/70/60/50% damage for each leap.600 
Desperate Bowman ActiveThis ability is used with a bow. Does 300 damage and a 5 second (non resistible) stun. Bow and melee cannot be used for 15 seconds afterwards.900 
Dreamweaver ActiveBard creates an illusion that makes him or her self look like a different race and class for a 5 minute duration. The bard's instrument also takes the illusion of another weapon and no spell effects are shown when casting a spell.
Entwining Snakes ActiveInsta-cast spell that is PBAE 50% snare lasting 20 seconds with a 350 unit radius. Snare breaks on attack.600 
Epiphany Active25% Group power refresh. Skald must be out of combat to use. (group members may be in combat)600 
Ferocious Will ActiveGives the zerker an ABS buff that ticks up by 5% every 5 seconds for a max of 25% at 25 seconds. Lasts 30 seconds total600 
Fungal Union ActiveTurns the animist into a mushroom for 60 seconds. Does not break on attack. Grants the animist a 10% chance of not spending power for each spell cast during the duration.300 
Fury of Nature ActiveDouble style damage for 30 seconds. All damage done returns 100% to the group in spread heal form. (excluding the warde)600 
Minion Rescue Active2 second cast (non-interruptible) PBAE that summons 1 level 50 fire elemental for every enemy within 500 radius. (max 8) Pets have 50 hit points, but proc a 3 second stun (duration unaffected by resists). The fire elementals have a max durations of 6 seco600 
Nature's Womb ActiveInsta-cast spell that stuns the druid for 5 seconds and converts all damage taken into healing.600 
Remedy ActiveNightshade ingests poison that costs 10% life but grants poison/dot/proc immunity for 60 seconds. Can be activated while stealthed without breaking stealth. HP loss is returned when the duration is up.300 
Resolute Minion ActivePet is immune to all forms of Crowd Control for 60 seconds. Will not purge any CC that already exists on the pet.600 
Restorative Mend ActiveGroup Frigg that heals health, power, and endurance over 30 seconds for a total of 50%. (5% is granted every 3 seconds regardless of combat state)600 
Retribution of the Faithful Active30 second buff that has a chance to proc a 3 second (duration undiminished by resists) stun on any melee attack on the cleric.300 
Rune of Utter Agility ActiveRunemaster gets a 90% chance to evade all melee attacks (regardless of direction) for 15 seconds.600 
Searing Pet ActiveCauses the pet to cast a PBAE DoT that ticks for 6 times for 25 points of damage per tick.120 
Selective Blindness ActiveWhen cast on an enemy player or pet, this debuff will prevent that player or pet from being able to attack the mentalist for 20 seconds. (duration unaffected by resists). 1500 range, 150 radius.  2s uninterrupted300 
Selfless Devotion ActiveTriples the effect of the paladin healing chant for 1 minute on all groupmates excluding the Paladin himself.900 
Shadow Strike ActiveShadowBlade takes 10 seconds to disappear in the shadows. Once in the shadows the SB will automatically teleport to and perf any enemy they choose within 1000 radius. Usable only at night. Can not be used to enter a locked keep or tower.600 
Shield of Immunity ActiveShield that absorbs 90% melee/archer damage for 20 seconds.900 
Shield Trip ActiveThrows shield at target, rooting them in place for 10 seconds (undiminished by resists). Scout cannot attack for 15 seconds afterwards.900 
Snapshot ActiveArmsman can draw and fire a crossbow shot when on the run for 60 seconds. (Normal draw time applies.)600 
Soul Quench ActiveInsta-PBAE attack that drains 250 points (modified up or down by the Reavers SR level) from all nearby enemies and returns 75% to the Reaver.600 
Spirit Martyr ActiveSM sacrifices pet in exchange for heal to all in group. Amount healed is dependant on the health of the pet at the time of release. 1200 total healing pool for a full health pet. Max of 600 hit points per any group member.600 
Sputin's Legacy ActiveHealer can insta-cast a resurrect buff on themselves. Buff lasts 30 seconds. If the healer dies while buff is up, they have the option to /resurrect themselves anytime within 10 minutes after death with 10% H/E/P. The healer must wait 10 seconds before /r900 
Tactics ActiveIncreases groups ability to block/parry/evade by 10% for 30 seconds.600 
Testudo ActiveWarrior with shield equipped covers up and takes 90% less damage for all attacks for 45 seconds. Can only move at reduced speed (speed buffs have no effect) and cannot attack. Using a style will break testudo form.900 
Vale Defense ActiveGives the group a 300 point 50% ablative that lasts for 10 minutes or until depleted.600 
Wall of Flame ActiveInsta-cast spell that drops a ward that pulses a 150 radius PBAE fire based for 15 seconds. Pulse is 400 points of damage every 3 seconds.900 
Whirling Staff ActivePBAE attack that does moderate damage and makes all melee targets in 350 radius unable to attack for 6 seconds.600 

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