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    by Mystr Byrnz

Ignis's Ring of Unyielding Will Guide
and farming scrolls on Amphipolis Island

View Complete Artifact Stats

I decided to go hunt for the Ring of Unyielding Will artifact. So, I ported to Oceanus Hesperos and began the swim to the other corner of the zone. The island begins at 60k, 50k in Hesperos. The southern tip of the island crosses the zone and ends up in Mesothalassa. The island is inhabited by Sobekite Khu Komo, half alligator, half human creatures.

I searched the southern tip of the island where I found 3 marple columns. Dorawn, a named Sobekite spawns next to the pillar to the west at 8k, 64k Mesothalassa. I didn't find him, so I decided to make the best of my time and began farming the Khu Komo which con blue at level 50. I quickly learned that they drop scrolls. Within the first 30 minutes of farming, they droped several scrolls for Gem of Lost Memories and Great Hunt (Orion's Belt).

I farmed this island for several hours and Dorawn never spawned. I came back the next day and farmed the island for about 45 minutes and he spawned. He told me a sad tale about being a runt and the other Sobekite picking on him. He said he found a ring that made him stronger and if I would go kill Mordom that he would give me the ring.

Mordom can be found underwater just southwest (4k, 4k Notos) of Dorawn. Some guides said he was on the bottom on the ocean, but I found him just under the surface. He as an easy kill for a level 50 character. Mordom dropped Mordom's Heart and Mordom's Necklace (see images on this page for stats).

I then returned to Dorawn and he asked me to prove my task, so I handed him Mordom's Necklace. He said a promise is a promise and gave me the artifact. He wouldn't talk to me after that. I decided to farm more scrolls and about 10 minutes later I decide to kill Dorawn. I was surprised to find the Dorawn then dropped Dorawn's Iron Cloak and another Ring of Unyeilding Will. I think the cloak was intentional, but getting a second artifact is probably a bug. Rumors from other guild members say that you can kill Dorawn over and over and continue to get more loot.

I had two of the three scrolls which I had farmed in Hesperos from Lesser Janni (13k, 46k), Inferior Marids (22k, 32k), and Janni Dust (11k, 44k). Some of these creatures con gray to a level 50 character, so you might need a lower level character to farm them. As a result, I checked housing and purchased the last scroll for 25 gold. I then took the artifact and the 3 scrolls to the Hall of Heroes. I placed one of the scrolls onto my hotbar performed a /use to combine the three scrolls into a complete book. I handed the artifact to Loremistress Margit in the Hall of Heroes. Then gave her the completed book to activate the artifact.

I enjoyed farming this artifact because there were things to do while waiting for the spawn to appear. It levels very fast and is worth the adventure and the time it took to acquire it.

Notes from my friend Latore:
You have to give him Mordom's Necklace...that is the name of the one to get the Artifact.. The Mordom's Heart Necklass is just one of the many drops from killing these 2 guys. To know if you have the right necklass, delve the necklace and it will have no stats on it..

The other way to get the artifact is to keep killing Dorawn (I also kept killing Mordom for the drops and the proper necklass drop). Eventually Dorawn will give you the Ring of Unyeilding Will. I got two rings by killing Dorawn and one ring by giving Dorawn the Mordoms necklass drop. So remember if you get Mordom's Heart Necklass, it is not the right one to get artifact. I also learned that spawn time varys on both named mobs and no set time between spawning, except very slow spawn rate during day real life time. I found he would spawns faster, like 1.5hrs in early morning and last at night.

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