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    by Mystr Byrnz


The Sojourner uses his gifts to better aid his allies in their travels. His arts allow him to move himself and others great distances and to clear the path from enemy obstructions. He has learned to travel both upon the land and in the water with grace and ease.

See Other Master Level Options

  1. Unburdened Warrior - Bonus Encumberance
  2. Unending Breath - group water breathing
  3. Reveal Crystalseed - Sweep Mine
  4. Unmake Crystalseed - Disable Mine
  5. Ancient Transmuter - Summons vendor for maybe a minute, summonable once every hour or so
  6. Gateway - teleport to caster's bindpoint
  7. Resistance of the Ancients - resistance to master level magic abilities
  8. Forceful Zephyr - summons pet that drags enemy to GT
  9. Phase Shift - Become immune to damage for 10 seconds, but cannot attack. Costs 50 fatigue
  10. Mass Gateway - teleport entire group back to caster's last bind point
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