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    by Mystr Byrnz


The Spymaster emulates the great Atlantean spy lords by sowing confusion and misdirection upon his foes. He can obscure the minds of his enemies to make himself and his companions appear not as what they really are. He can lay traps that will damage his foes and also sabotage their fortifications and siege engines.

See Other Master Level Options

  1. 1 Pickpocket - Bonus PvE Coin
  2. Decoy - summon random epic dressed realmmate with 1hp and no offense to distract opponents
  3. Enduring Poison - 15% chance poison won't be removed from weapon on a resist
  4. Sabotage - damage siege engines, doors, or geomancer fields
  5. Tanglesnare - Snare Mine
  6. Poisonspike - DoT Mine
  7. Lookout - Stealthed user can't move, but any stealthed enemy moving within 350 ra s is exposed along with the watcher
  8. Siege Wrecker - mine that detonates when a siege engine is built nearby; only affects siege engines
  9. Essence Flare - Summons PBAE Mez poison (10 second)
  10. Blanket of Camouflage - hides your group
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