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  Summoners Hall
    by Mystr Byrnz

Tromgar's Summoner Hall Raid Guide
50 Cleric Nimue RR8L6

All of this has been done with 1 group, PBT probably required to be safe. Follow the map to the center POC area. Once you get to the middle neutral POC area, all we did was run through to avoid the shades because they keep repopping and give no loot. Once you get to the final stretch before SH entrance, the shades stop and turn into mist and de-aggro which should also be the time you see a named demon mob "Zillistiphle".

We tried killing Zillistiphle once and he seems very bugged, we killed his 2 helpers (kill the one that isn't melee immune 1 by 1) and then got Z to 80% before his helpers repopped and all turned melee immune and we proceeded to get wiped. If your bored try him, if not just sprint past and zone in SH.

Note: the named in each of the specific mid alb hib area's don't seem to drop anything over 98% quality junk. These mobs are Rheton, Busiv and Drevaul. Once in SH, rebuff and go south. The wizard is somewhat difficult and drops no loot. All we did is stay on the main mob and ignore his clones and he died pretty fast.

The purple Sidhe wizard type mobs are very weak now, and do not BAF. Two or three people can probably kill them now unfortunatly, so there isn't really any kind of challenge down here anymore.

Summoner Roesia: Kill the 3 glowy nodes on each wall before attacking her or you will start to float around in a bubble and get nuked. Once the 3 nodes are down just melee her for an easy fight.

Summoner Cunovinda: Hardest of the 3. Straight melee fight but likes to toss people up in the air and give them 90% fall dmg. Also tends to teleport around near aggro areas so prepare for adds. He appears BEFORE the portal you see, so don't go in, that is where the Grand Summoner is.

Summoner Lossren: Very easy fight, pretty much straight melee and does nothing special.

Grand Summoner: Kill all his nodes and any other little tricks he does. We had 12 for this but the other group didn't have a cleric and was dead basically the entire time. After all his nodes are down just melee him, hes a lot easier then before and doesn't morph and regain HP etc, just don't let his yellow-orange adds pile up.

There apparently was 1 more summoner in 1 of the 2 portals, it's the one you didn't come from when you entered his area. Half of us ported to the first area and couldn't get back in so we never tried the last one. Post here if you kill him.

Passage of Conflict Map

Summoners Hall Map


-Each Summoner drops 6 pieces of 100% loot, or 5 and a RA respec stone.
-We never got any of the -20% abs weapons and we got about 50 pieces of loot total on 3 raids.
-All armor is sub TOA/SI dungeons besides the sleeves which are 3 8% resists and either +skills or +stat or +hp with a 100 heal proc.
-We did get a -20% abs charge ring off a summoner.
-Almost every melee weapon has a -15% end drain proc

Drop Stats

Sword of Sorrow (4.3 spd slash, only dropped by GS)
4 slash
4 parry
19 qui
19 str
-15% end drain proc

Cudgel of the Undead (3.5spd)
21 acuity
21 dex
8% energy
8% thrust
20% replen power charge

Short Sword of Eternal Retribution (3.2 spd LHU)
+4 DW
19 str
19 qui
8% crush
-15% end drain proc
(the thrust version is pretty much the exact same)

Mourning Star of Everlasting Twilight (3.2 spd)
4 parry
4 flex
18 str
8% slash
-15% end drain proc

Lustrous Crown of Grandeur (plate helm)
+3 all melee skills
21 str
9% crush
60 hp
10 charges of 20% haste debuff (1 minute length)

Ribbon of Flesh (leather helm)
21 con
21 qui
48 hp
9% slash
10 charges of 20% haste debuff (1 minute length)

Band of Clandestinity (ring)
4 stealth
4 envenom
18 str
60 hp
-20% abs debuff charge (1 minute length)

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