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Shadows Edge is looking for a few good men and women to volunteer their expertise and experience. We are seeking individuals to submit information that we will turn into strategy guides. For example, “How to farm or level a specific artifact”, “How to do a quest”, "How to level from 40-45", or "How to become a weapon crafter".

We have some immediate needs. We have the basic data on all the artifacts, but we don't have are specifics about acquiring or leveling them. We could also use strategies about doing the Master Levels. We realize that that kind of information is available on other web sites, but it would be wrong for us to just take it. So we are looking for people who are willing to write a simple strategy guide and explain the technique for getting and/or leveling artifacts or doing Master Levels. We could also use guides about crafting, trophies, farming a particular dungeon, etc. Keep in mind that these guides do not need to be novels, but just short simple to the point bits of important information.

We have written two guides so far. You can see them here:
Orion's Belt
Ring of Unyielding Will

Take a look at these and see if you would be willing to write a guide about something that you know about. We would name the guide after your character and give you credit for it. Remember, if the idea is important to you, it is also important to someone else. So anything goes.

To create a guide, we need the following information.

  • Written text about how to find it, hunt it, kill it and level it.
  • Quest or Task Steps
  • Names of the creatures or NPC's to kill, etc.
  • Screen shots of the creatures or NPC's.
  • Screen shots of the artifact itself, delve information, stats, etc.

Use the two guides listed above as samples.

If you are willing to do something like this, we would really appreciate any effort. When you are finished writting your guide, please send the information and images via email to ignis at shadowsedge dot org (sorry for the cryptic email address, the spam bots keep crawling our site and sending us junk).

Kindest Regards,
Blayden Thompson
aka Svendig

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